Which brand of chef machine is good

Which brand of chef machine is good, chef machine purchase guide

There are many brands of kitchen machines on the market, including Hayes, Kenwood, Bosch, etc. Many people don’t know which brand is better when buying a kitchen machine, and what problems need to be paid attention to. Let’s introduce the selection of kitchen machines for you. Buying guide, I believe you can choose the right kitchen machine brand after reading it Bargain Fox discount code.


  1. The power of the kitchen machine The main function of the kitchen machine is stirring and kneading. The higher the power, the greater the torque of the kitchen machine at the same speed, and the longer the service life. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a kitchen machine with a powerful motor of 1000WQ.
  2. The load capacity of the three chef machines According to your actual needs, choose a suitable chef machine. For example, a 4.5L chef machine with a basin can make 13 small steamed buns, 13 bowls of noodles, 300 dumpling wrappers, etc.
  3. Four and basin material The basin is a container that is in direct contact with food. Most kitchen machines are made of stainless steel and basins. Here we recommend using imported stainless steel food-grade materials and basins.
  4. 5. Expansion interface of the kitchen machine Many people think that the kitchen machine only has the function of kneading noodles. In fact, many of them are multi-functional kitchen machines. With the expandable interface, they can realize functions such as squeezing juice, mincing meat, and cooking.
  5. Six Safety Protection Some people will overload the kitchen machine during use, which will cause the motor temperature of the kitchen machine to be too high and burn it. Therefore, in the process of purchasing a kitchen machine, pay attention to whether there is a motor overheat protection function. 
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How to Make a Mini Popcorn Maker

How to make a mini popcorn machine, learn this, you will have endless popcorn


  • Cans
  • pocket knife
  • cant see thing
  • stick
  • toy wheel
  • Oil
  • corn
  • Candle


  1. Prepare four cans
  2. Cut the can with a knife
  3. Take out the drawn design drawings
  4. Cut out with scissors according to the shape
  5. Glue the cut design on the iron sheet
  6. Draw the marks on the iron sheet with force, and cut off the excess with scissors
  7. Cut off the square part in the middle
  8. Prepare a Bundle of Perforated Tape
  9. Cut part of the perforated tape according to the shape of the iron sheet
  10. Glue the perforated tape to the four sides of the iron sheet
  11. Glue the finished patch
  12. Paste the bottom and top again
  13. Make the can into the shape of a pot and put the can in the iron box
  14. How to Make a Mini Popcorn Maker
  15. fringe around
  16. How to Make a Mini Popcorn Maker
  17. Make a three-dimensional frame out of plastic sheets
  18. How to Make a Mini Popcorn Maker
  19. Fix the four sides with iron plates
  20. Put the cans in the tin box
  21. Make a top cover out of a can
  22. Put the lid on the transparent box
  23. Assemble the two boxes
  24. make a window
  25. string the windows with sticks
  26. Glue the stick ends to the frame
  27. Glue two toy car tires underneath
  28. Attach the two pillars at the bottom
  29. Pour a little oil into the pan
  30. Place a lit candle under the pot
  31. Put some corn
  32. After a while, the popcorn will be ready

How to draw a popcorn machine with simple strokes

Draw simple strokes together

How to use the kitchen machine

  1. For friends who like to make pastries by themselves, buying a chef is a good choice. In this way, not only can you save worry and effort when making, but also make the appearance of the made pastry more beautiful and taste better. 
  2. So, if you want to use a chef machine to process ingredients, what should you do
  3. First of all, put the kitchen machine on a flat table so that the four suction cups at the bottom of it can be firmly sucked to avoid shaking during work. Then, move the lock switch on the side up to raise the nose AO discount code NHS.
  4. After the machine head is raised, install the stirring paddle or dough hook and egg beating cage (here, the stirring paddle is taken as an example) on the rotating rod. Note that it must be rotated counterclockwise after installation to avoid falling off during work.
  5. Then put the food to be stirred into the mixing bucket. When putting in food, the volume cannot exceed the MAX line marked in the barrel.
  6. After the food is placed, press down on the machine head until you hear a click to lock the machine head.
  7. Next, plug in the kitchen machine to the power source. The indicator light of the kitchen machine will light up when it is plugged in.
  8. Finally, we rotate the gear switch below to adjust it to the desired position, and the kitchen machine will start working immediately.


Because the speed of the kitchen machine is very high, it is easy to cause accidents if it is not operated properly. Therefore, the safe way is to get everything ready first, and then turn on the power last. 

How to use the popcorn machine

There’s nothing like the smell of freshly popped popcorn when you’re settling for a movie. With the Home Popcorn Maker, it’s easy to make classic salty popcorn variations and other easy recipes in just minutes. Best of all, this interactive cooking opportunity entertains kids and adults alike, so start tons of fun today!

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