What to Look For When Hiring a Digital Marketer

Hiring a virtual digital marketing expert may appear to be a straightforward process but the real challenge is deciding which of the thousands of applications received online is the best. Furthermore, because digital marketing encompasses so many different dynamic sectors, there is no one appropriate option for every organization. What is appropriate for you may not be appropriate for others.

However, identifying the finest people based on an actual understanding of digital marketing can be challenging for recruiters. To make an informed hiring decision, we will discuss the skills required for hiring virtual digital marketing experts. Moreover, you can Hire Digital Marketer from India & save up to 70%.

But before we proceed, let us know who is a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer is someone who uses different digital platforms to reach out to potential customers in order to advertise a company’s products and services.

What are some of the common tasks of a Digital Marketer?

  • Developing and executing content strategy
  • Managing various social media platforms and maintaining the brand’s online presence
  • Optimization of website structure and content
  • Content and graphic creation for specific audiences
  • Managing search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Managing Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (PPC) and so on. 

What to look for in a Digital Marketer?

A digital marketer must have several vital skill sets and a good understanding of Social Media Marketing, Google Adword, Content Writing, and so on to be effective in their everyday activities. Let us now explore other factors to consider while hiring a digital marketer besides their qualifications and expertise.

Communication Skills

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a digital marketer is the ability to bridge the gap between the consumer and the business. However, to interact with the target audience effectively, digital marketers must first have a clear understanding of the brand and the objectives of the company.

Furthermore, a digital marketer is accountable for maintaining the brand’s tone and delivering the right message about the brand’s products and services. A good marketer knows how to effectively communicate with the audience to gain their trust. Good communication skills are beneficial in –

  • Creating campaigns,
  • Discussing new ideas and methods for the business,
  • Delivering well-documented presentations
  • Creating content effectively to reach the target audience

You can hire content writers as they can create content that resonates with your target audience, establish trust and loyalty, and optimize content for various channels.

Research Skills and Staying Up-to-date

Unlike other industries, digital marketing is one field where there are constant updates and it is heavily reliant on research and data. As a result, a digital marketer must go above and beyond to be updated with the upcoming trends and make the best use of them for the promotion of their brand.

Having good research skill guarantees that the marketer discovers critical performance indicators and measurements to determine whether or not they are fulfilling set targets.

Moreover, it will help marketers in –

  • Understanding and applying the latest SEO trends
  • Using current world topics to create content for their brand
  • Keeping up with social media changes and ad policies
  • Understanding what your target audience likes and dislikes

Portfolio and Testimonials

Portfolios and testimonials can reveal a lot about a digital marketer’s skill set. When you look at a portfolio, you will learn how he or she works and what amount of originality and creativity you can expect from the candidate. Likewise, testimonials will help you understand whether or not they are fit for the role you are looking for. In contrast to positive evaluations and ratings, unfavourable ratings will shed light on the areas in which a marketer suffers.

Ability to Multitask

A digital marketer must complete a number of tasks in a given day. Start from social media marketing, and content writing to reviewing performance reports. All of these tasks are distinct and require different expertise. So, when you looking for a digital marketer, make sure the prospect is capable of handling many tasks at once.

Having said that, working under pressure is vital for a digital marketer, which is why it is critical to give the candidate a test so that you can evaluate their performance and make an informed selection.

Time Management

While this is true for all job profiles, a digital marketer’s time is limited. He or she must generate content and provide it on time as outdated content is likely to be ignored by the audience. Moreover, if he/she takes 6 hours when the actual time required is only 4 hours, the individual clearly cannot manage time. Look for a candidate that can complete a large amount of work in a single day without compromising on quality.


Having a digital marketing professional on your team is essential if you want to grow and expand your organization. While the five parameters outlined above can assist you in screening and shortlisting prospects, you can also offer them a task to perform as a final assessment before hiring. This can help you assess the marketer’s approach and ideas for your organization. Furthermore, it will assist you in understanding the candidate’s skills and knowledge. However, hiring a perfect fit for your company is a time-consuming procedure and it changes regularly based on your needs. To make things easier, we have experienced and talented digital marketers from India that you can easily hire and save up to 70% without going through the hassle of the recruitment procedure.

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