5 Ways to Beautify Custom Pastry Boxes

You can add value to the custom pastry box’s appearance with an elegant design. Thus, the design boxes are in fashion and most likely by the people. They specifically demand design boxes for gifting purposes. However, if you want to custom pastry boxes with any design or image, share that in any editable format or PDF. Our customization experts will adjust that with the perfect size and saturation of the box surface.

Moreover, if you have no idea about box designing or need any advice, freely console our design experts. As experienced, they will give you excellent advice by considering your concerns.

Intense the design with dazzling PMS and CMYK color schemes:

The design box will give you a more visually pleasing feel than a colorful designed box can. But the color shades should be perfect saturation and contrast-wise. Don’t worry. Our dazzling PMS and CMYK color scheme options will give you the perfect shade. Both are perfect for giving dreaming shades. In contrast, the CMYK color scheme gives you four shading options than PMS. Therefore, if you want infinite funky shading options, the PMS color scheme can be worth it.

Make the custom pastry box embellished with hot stamp foiling:

Do you want your custom pastry box gets all the appreciation and vision? Then we recommend highlighting the designed surface with hot stamp foiling.  Nothing can compete with it in shine and glamour. It looks so sheeny that the buyer can’t resist buying.

Although hot stamp foiling is available in all shades, you can choose according to the box print and theme. For example, for a valentine’s day red pastry box, you can use red hot stamp foiling for shading red roses and hearts. And for the pink pastry box, you can use rose gold foil. Here are a few other options.

  1. Gold foil (premium shade)
  2. Silver foil (premium shade)
  3. Copper foil
  4. Antique gold foil
  5. Hologram foil
  6. Embossed foil (in any shade)
  7. Do inside printing for mesmerizing unboxing experience:

Pastries are used for gifting on special occasions to make them more memorable and delightful. For such event-themed pastry boxes, the inside should represent a mesmerizing, unboxing experience. For that, we suggest you do inside printing.

It’s up to you to do inside printing in any design or simply one shade. However, we recommend you do 24k gold printing. As you know, gold is a premium shade.

Choose a rare box style in perfect dimensions:

You can freely select any box style for manufacturing custom brownie boxes. Our customization experts will customize that for you according to the measurements you provide. For uniqueness and more versatility, you can use our attractive enhancements options. Here are a few box styles ideas with suggestions.

Box styleSuggestions
Double wall tuck front box style.For regular pastries business
Two-piece box style Sleeve and tray box style Tuck front box style Gable box style Hexagon box style  For custom pastry gifts and promotional boxes.
Custom gable boxFor online pastry delivery business
Custom display boxes with lidsTo display pastries samples on the counter

Customize Valentine’s Day-themed custom pastry box yourself:

Have you planned to make this valentine’s day more delightful and memorable through custom pastry boxes? And want to customize the valentine’s day box exceptionally by your idea? Then let’s make that possible with iCustomBoxes. Thus, we provide you full authority to design custom boxes to your specifications through a specified sample kit.

You must share all the specifications regarding box style, material, design, printing press, add-ons, color schemes, etc. Then we customize almost 7 to 8 sample boxes according to the instructions you provide to us. After that, we dispatch that to your doorstep within 12 to 14 business days. If you feel anything is appropriate and need to update, we will do that for you before proceeding order towards wholesale. But once the production starts, we will not be responsible for dissatisfaction.

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