The Best Driving Apps In Dubai

Are you a newbie in Dubai? Luckily, the UAE has one of the strongest road networks globally, rendering getting across the city a breeze. Nonetheless, many applications will make it easier for new drivers on Dubai roads. Get a Central Park City Walk and get familiar with all the routes and places. The services provided by these useful applications for drivers in Dubai will help you with everything from filling up your Salik account on the go to refuelling your vehicle in an emergency.

The Most Useful Apps For Drivers

These are the most useful applications for Dubai drivers, including parking, refuelling, car washes, and more. The majority of these games are available for free on the App Store or Google Play.


Many new drivers in Dubai do not yet have a vehicle. Car-sharing applications like Ekar will help with this. The car-sharing company has a fleet of vehicles located across the city that drivers can hire on a pay-per-minute basis via the app. Motorists are exempt from paying for gas, repairs, and certain public parking spaces.

The app can also find the closest accessible car, unlock it, and pay for the services rendered. This is also one of the best applications for Dubai drivers who only need a vehicle for a limited period, such as a day, an hour, or even a few minutes!


UDrive is a car-sharing service that enables new drivers in Dubai to hire vehicles on a pay-per-day or pay-per-minute system. Drivers will access a variety of cars using the app or their membership card, ranging from a Kia Picanto to a Mercedes-Benz A-Class. They can drive these cars without incurring additional costs for gasoline or parking.


Cafu, an on-demand refuelling facility, is another useful app for Dubai drivers. It’s the ideal option for drivers whose vehicles are out of gas, and there isn’t a gas station in view or for those who choose to avoid having to drive to a gas station.

Cafu is one of the most useful applications for drivers because it has its diesel trucks that are powered by experts that are qualified to transport fuel. One of the great things about Cafu is that they demand the same price for gasoline as every other gas station in Dubai, and there are no extra shipping fees!


If you want to know how to get to your destination in the quickest way possible? Waze, one of the most useful applications in Dubai, can help you avoid traffic, disasters, and more.

The user-generated data from drivers and riders on the road is used to create a useful navigational tool. It uses the information to refresh its real-time map with traffic, crash, danger, and speed camera information. It also advises drivers on the right jogging paths.

Google Maps

Google Maps, another long-time favourite of Dubai drivers, is also a useful navigation tool. It helps drivers determine the right routes for their travel, taking into account traffic conditions, road closures, expected arrival time, toll gates, and other factors.

Drivers will also save the coordinates of commonly visited destinations. They can also find maps for a particular location to use when they don’t have access to the internet. As a result, it’s one of Dubai’s best offline map apps.

RTA Smart Drive

RTA Smart Drive, a useful driving app from the Road and Transport Authority, is a great choice for drivers searching for navigational and route planning software.

RTA Smart Drive also offers voice and visual commands, speed limit warnings, and real-time traffic and injury notifications. It also dynamically reroutes drivers to save them time. Drivers will use this map tool for Dubai to discover points of interest.


You don’t have time to wash your car? Keno provides you with luxury, on-demand auto care services. Car and bike washes, tinting, scratch and dent repair, and other facilities are available. Simply enter your information into the Keno app, choose your provider, and schedule an appointment, and you’re ready to go. Customers may also pay using a variety of approaches at Keno.

Keno’s vehicle wash prices range from AED 30 for a bike to AED 35 for a sedan and AED 40 for SUVs and premium vehicles. There is also an extra fee for cleaning the vehicle’s inside, ranging from AED 20 to AED 40.

When you buyapartments for sale in Central Park City walk Dubai, make sure to download these applications and make your life easier.

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