Nanchang University to Study MBBS in China

Nanchang University is a public research university that has also been designated as a National Key University in the country. Its Chinese characters read as follows: simplified Chinese: traditional Chinese: As a result of the new plan that was introduced by the Chinese Ministry of Education in 2017, NCU has been included on the list of nearly 140 Double First Class Discipline Universities that are located on the Chinese mainland.

Nanchang University to Study MBBS in China

At the moment, the Ministry of Study MBBS in China has authorized a total of 8 post-doctoral programs. These programs include material science and engineering, food science and engineering, mechanical engineering, clinical medicine, environmental science and engineering, biology, management science and engineering, and chemical engineering and technology.

The university provides more than 82 different undergraduate programs in a total of 12 different Chinese academic fields, including Philosophy, Economics, Law, Education, Literature, History, Science, Engineering, Agriculture, MBBS, Management, and the Arts. These undergraduate degree programs have more than 35,000 full-time students enrolled in them collectively.

In addition, the University provides a wide variety of graduate-level programs, all of which are coordinated by the Graduate School. At this time, there are more than 20 Ph.D./MD programs and 175 Master’s programs, and the total number of students enrolled in these programs is almost 15,000.

Why Attend Nanchang University Instead

The exceptional facilities that are made available to international students at Nanchang University can be found in Nanchang city, which serves as the provincial capital of Jiangxi province. Nanchang is a city that is full of mountains, rivers, and valleys, and the skyscrapers that people have built only add to the city’s natural beauty. The teaching staff is comprised of individuals from Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Africa who have received extensive training and are familiar with the learning style of each student.

Muslim students won’t have any trouble finding halal food to eat. The mosque is conveniently located for Muslim students and faculty, as it is only 15 minutes away from the campus and can be reached easily by bus. There are safe and secure separate hostels available for boys and girls, and security cameras have also been installed to make the environment as secure as possible.

The seniors are very helpful and cooperative with the underclassmen.

Within the campus, there are designated areas for playing football, cricket, tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, and volleyball, as well as a gym for those who are interested in bodybuilding. Students who are offered admission to Nanchang University are eligible to apply for a full scholarship.

  • The Jiangxi region’s most prestigious university is Nanchang University.
  • The campus is located very close to a metro station, providing convenient access throughout the city.
  • Documents Needed and the Admissions Process at Nanchang University are as follows:
  • Document from the SSC or junior high school including marks (grade 10th).
  • Document from senior high school or the HSSC mark sheet (grade 12th).
  • Medical Investigate the traditional Chinese body type.
  • Passport The initial page in scanned format
  • Medical Investigate the traditional Chinese body type.
  • Police clearance certificate.
  • only one picture, with a white background.
  • The university’s application form can be found here.
  • Students who have graduated from Senior High School or HSSC (Pre-Medical) with a minimum score of 60%.

Special notes:

The full tuition must be paid in RMB, or according to the conversion rate that is in effect when the student arrives at the university. Because of the online nature of the classes, the first-year fee package does not include the costs of staying in a hostel, obtaining a visa, having an MBBS checkup, or purchasing health insurance; these costs must be paid separately upon arrival. Students are responsible for paying their bills, including those for stationary, electricity, and water. Approximately one thousand to one and a half hundred RMB is spent every month on food.

Once the fee has been paid, there is no way to get it back. The student is responsible for adhering to the NMU’s rules and regulations. Students from both Pakistan and India are expected to abide by the rules established by their respective medical councils, the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council and the Indian Medical Council.

Research Conducted at Nanchang University:

Both the Qianhu Campus and the Qingshannu Campus at the National Chengchi University (NCU), which is a public research university, are the locations where the majority of the academic research is carried out. NCU has established and is operating more than 50 national and provincial key laboratories and research centers, as well as 60 basic training centers and professional labs, with funding from a variety of sources, including the National Natural Science Foundation of study MBBS in China, the National Social Science Fund of China, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education, and the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In addition, Jiangxi MBBS College places a strong emphasis on research and maintains close working relationships with the 13 highly regarded hospitals that are affiliated with the institution throughout the province. The students of Jiangxi Medical College receive the majority of their clinical training at these hospitals, which are designated as primary teaching hospitals.

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