Step-by-Step Guide to Match your Gemstone jewelry

At Rananjay Exports, we have taken the onus to serve you with precious gemstone jewelry, ranging from larimar jewelry to turquoise jewelry and Libyan desert glass jewelry.

But let’s be to the point.

Besides jewelry and gemstones, there is a lot more that you need to consider while applying your fashion knowledge.


One such factor is to ensure that your overall gemstone jewelry is going perfectly, and flawless with the type of attire you are adorning yourself with.

To make you a pro at this, we have got a Step-by-Step Guide to Match your Gemstone jewelry with Attire.

The Gemstone Jeweller Should Suit the Occasion

Everything aside, the choice of your gemstone jewelry should align with the theme of the occasion.

To be the charm and attention drawer of any event and occasion, your attire and gemstone jewelry should go with the vibe of the event.

For instance, if you want to catch all the eyes in quite a grand formal event or a wedding, then nothing better than adorning an exquisite and precious piece of opal jewelry like a shimmering opal pendant or opal necklace.

On the flip side, if it’s just a normal family gathering and you don’t want to exaggerate your fashion attributes, then simply go with a light, but stupendous moonstone pendant.

It’s subtle, but stupendous elegance would make your charm spread in all directions.

Your Neck jewelry Should Go Well with your Dress Neckline

Most jewelry lovers, driven by that ruthless curiosity to flaunt the beauty and brilliance of their attire and gemstone jewelry, unconsciously overlook this factor.

If you fail to align your neck jewelry with the cut of the neckline of your neck, then it will divert the attention both from that jewelry and that lovely attire.

For attire with a deep neckline cut, like western one-pieces and formal clothing, which exposes the look of that cheesy collarbone, go with a high-length necklace having a precious and vibrant gemstone hanging at its end.

In case, if you have worn turtle necks or cow necks, consider wearing a short-length necklace. To match it with your attire, simply hang it above your cloth. Don’t hide it beneath your upper clothing.

Matching the Colour Coordination

For an overall elegant look, it is equally imperative to get the colour/type of your attire matched with that of your gemstone jewelry.

Fashion is all about playing with colours.

Semi-precious gemstone like Opal Gemstone Jewelry comes in a plethora of colour range and shades.

Eventually, you will get to choose from a wide range of opal sales the colour of your overall attire.

Usually, dark tone colour dresses like black, grey and dark blue, when complemented with those transparent and shining pieces of jewelry lend a sizzling and styling look.

In a nutshell, there is no “Rule of Thumb” when styling together the attire and gemstone jewelry based on colour combination.

The Gemstone jewelry Should be of Appropriate Size

The size of your gemstone jewelry can have a significant effect on the look of your attire.

A short and sweet pendant can lend a minimalistic, yet alluring look. Best for small gatherings and parties.

On the flip side, a comparatively large and high-hanging necklace can make the charm and elegance of your exquisite attire speak out loud.

A wrong choice of the size of gemstone jewelry can spoil your evening indeed. Be specific about the theme of the event and then choose precisely.

Neither you should exaggerate nor should you suppress.

Decency might not be a good option every time. Some days are meant for you to flaunt.

Choose Earrings as per your Face cut

For most jewelry lovers, matching their earrings with the face cut might seem a bit tedious at first.

Well, it is not that hard. Let’s simply do that for you.

  • Round-cut Face: Long Drop or Dangling earrings
  • Square-cut Face: Medium size earrings with round edges
  • Rectangular-cut Face: Stud cluster earrings
  • Heart-shape Face: Wider-bottom earrings
  • Oval-cut Face: This face cute is versatile.

No matter which type of earrings you are wearing, just ensure to choose a highly-exquisite and glittering pair of earrings. You will be left awestruck after looking at how much your face would get glow up.

Gemstone Rings Goes Versatile

Stone rings are not mere stone entrenched on a metal support.

They are responsible for leveraging the glow of your hand. Besides, adding exquisite and vibrant rings is like giving a final touch to your attire so that all eyes will halt on you.

And the best thing about gemstone rings is that they are versatile. Whether a formal event, a corporate gathering or a casual night out with your friends, the shine and shimmer of a ring light up the aura everywhere.

Go for fabulous Turquoise Gemstone Jewelry, as it is the epitome of everlasting love and peace.

Side Accessories are Must

Here is the bonus content.

Just like a minimal garnishing and topping makes a dish even more mouth-watering and tempting, the inclusion of side accessories completes the attire.

A decent watch is a symbol of your discipline towards time and its value.

A bracelet carved out of fine silver or even gold is a symbolic of relationship with someone.

Other significant side accessories like a tie, suspenders, eyewear, sashes, piercings etc., are equally important.

Shop Gemstone jewelry with us….

At Rananjay Exports, we have entrusted you with the onus to surge the beauty and elegance of our beloved customers with 100% authentic, high-quality gemstone jewelry.

Happy Shopping!

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