Marriage Astrology / Marriage Prediction:

Predictive Astrology identifies Venus, Jupiter, and Mars as the most significant or important planets for marriage in an individual’s horoscope. The 7th house of a horoscope is what determines our marriage and marital life. If we need to make predictions about a person’s marital life, the 7th house of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant should be consider.

Other Houses that have an impact on our lives during and after marriage are listed below:

  • Relatives are represented by a 2nd house
  • 5th house signifies intimacy, passion, bonding, romance etc
  • 7th house is the main house of marriage. It signifies our spouse, partner, love relationship after marriage, intimacy, emotional boding, and physical bonding.
  • The 11th house is a sign of fulfillment in love and marriage, harmony in marital life, or disharmony
  • The 12th house is for the bed pleasure of a married couple.

Love marriage is now a common practice in modern society, even among people from outside of the community and caste. People can meet for work, celebrations, travel, educations, meetings, seminars, etc.

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This is when male and female attract to each other and have frequent interactions. A love marriage is successful when there is mutual agreement, cooperation, mutual adjustment, and mutual adjustment between the bride and the groom. However, in love marriage, 5th and 11th houses are added to this as they represent friendship. Respect for each other’s priorities, and supporting each other’s ambitions and goals, respectively.

Prediction of Love Marriage based on planetary placement and combination according to Horoscope:-

Venus is the planet that can bring about love and romance. Venus is the planet that is most likely to lead to love affair and marriage. However, whether marriage is harmonious or not will depend on many factors such as your D9 chart and the kundali milan technique using Nadi Astrology.

  • Venus in the 5th house along with Mercury in your horoscope, and Jupiter in the 11th house in your birth chart indicates a happy love marriage. So, Moon and Venus in the 5th and 11th houses respectively in the birth chart indicate successful love marriages.
  • Moon in the 1st and Venus in the 7th houses, or vice versa, in the d1 chart indicate a successful love marriage and a very loving spouse.
  • Venus present in the 7th House of Horoscope, Mercury and Jupiter receives aspects of Jupiter. This indicates love marriage with happy married lives and lasting intimacy.
  • If Moon is lies in the 5th or 7th houses or 9th houses of Rahu, and Venus is in the 1st house of horoscope. It may denote love marriage.
  • A connection or association between 5th and 7th lords in any Kundali, or between 5th and 7th houses in any birth chart indicates love marriage.
  • A Moon in the 7th house of Venus or Mercury indicates a bright chance for Love Marriage.
  • Venus & Moon in lagna in the 1st House also indicate possibility of love marriage. Therefore, Jupiter aspect on Moon, Venus or Venus in 1st House indicates high success rate for the marriage.
  • Venus and Rahu can conjunct in the 5th, 10th, and 4th houses, respectively. This indicates a possibility for love affair to turn into marriage. However, this planetary combination could cause problems later on in marital life. As a result, There will be conflict between the couple, as well as a lack of understanding.
  • Rahu and Mercury in the 11th house with Jupiter, Venus or Saturn indicates love marriage. So, There can be love affairs, but they don’t co-exist after marriage.

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