Shoulder Replacement Surgery: How to Do It?

Shoulder replacement in India is less common than knee or hip replacement surgeries. It involves pulling out the damaged parts from your shoulder area and replacing them with artificial implants, called prostheses. 

Causes and Reasons for Needing Shoulder Replacement Surgery 

Usually, your shoulder’s severe pain and stiffness or loss of motion can be controlled by medications and physiotherapy. However, when both fail to relieve your pain effectively, you will need to have surgery for shoulder replacement in India. 

But, this isn’t the end as there are several other reasons which can cause you to require surgery, such as:

  • Osteoarthritis causes wear and tear of the shoulder cartilage enclosing your bones.
  • Fracture in the shoulder damages the bones in your shoulder area.
  • Rotator cuff (a pool of muscles and tendons surrounding the shoulder joint) injury ruptures the bones and cartilage of your shoulder.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that creates inflammation in your shoulder joints.
  • Osteonecrosis is a condition that disrupts blood flow to the humerus, thus harming its functionality.

Consulting a Surgeon for Shoulder Replacement Surgery  

Seeking a skilled orthopedic surgeon consultation goes a long way in successfully getting your shoulder replaced. 
An orthopedic surgeon will recommend several diagnostic tests like an X-ray and CT scan of your shoulder, blood tests, etc., after taking an extensive review of your symptoms and medical history to zero down the root cause of your problem. 
After the diagnostic report is in and the source of your discomfort is clear, the surgeon will walk you through the type of surgery you will need, based on the impairment of your shoulder joint, from the five different types listed below.

  1. Anatomic Total Shoulder Replacement
  2. Stemless Total Shoulder Arthroplasty
  3. Hemiarthroplasty
  4. Resurfacing Hemiarthroplasty
  5. Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement 

What Do You Need to Do Before the Surgery?

After choosing a particular kind of surgery for shoulder replacement in India, you will have to schedule a date in advance for the operation at a reputable hospital.
In addition to that, you will need to undergo blood tests and ECG again to ensure that you are healthy enough for the operation. Also, you will be required to discontinue certain anti-inflammatory medications two weeks before the operation.

What Happens During the Surgery?

Firstly, you will be admitted to the operation room and then given a dose of general anesthetic. Once you have fallen asleep, the best orthopedic doctor in Mumbai will perform a particular kind of shoulder replacement surgery appropriate for your case. The surgery will stretch for about 1-2 hours. In the end, your shoulder will be placed in a sling to keep the prosthesis in place.

Possibility of Complications after the Surgery

Though the surgery for shoulder replacement in India is done very carefully, there is still a chance that complications may arise. There can be clotting in your blood, infection in the regions that have been operated upon, damage to your nerves, dislocation of your prosthesis, etc.

Importance of Post-operative Care

Once the surgery has been completed, you will be shifted to a recovery room in the hospital. An X-ray of your shoulder and blood tests will be done to mitigate the chances of complications effectively, and your blood pressure and oxygen levels will be monitored constantly. You will also be given medication for pain relief and antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. 
Moreover, you will have some mandatory sessions with the physiotherapist to learn about the do’s and don’ts of using a sling and various useful exercises to recover quickly.

When Will You Be Discharged? 

You will probably be discharged from the hospital on the same day of your surgery. But you will need to keep taking certain medicines and not miss follow-up visits with the doctor.

The Endnote

Going about shoulder replacement surgery in India right the first time depends on various factors, such as consulting skilled professionals, choosing a hospital equipped with the latest technologies and up-to-date healthcare facilities, and many more. Any Top Hospital in India provides all the essential healthcare amenities mentioned above. So, get your shoulder replaced successfully and live free from pain once again.

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