Easy Steps To Save Money On A Budget

Is your paycheck gone before you even get it? Or maybe the pile of unpaid bills reaches the ceiling. Or do you block all 800 numbers because you know it will be another creditor calling to harass you? First, I think it is very important to be able to save some money. I know you don’t think you can, but trust me, you can. Think of all the unnecessary things you spend money on that you can do without or find a cheaper alternative to have. The post office is dedicated to saving a few dollars at a time. It will increase over time. Below are tips on how to save money.


1) Take 10% of every paycheck and put it away before spending on anything, including bills. It is the original concept of paying to the individual. I prefer to put it in a jar rather than a bench. I don’t want to lose money on bank fees. If 10% is too much, do 5%. Something is better than nothing. Just hit yourself to do it, forget it and don’t finish it. This is a great way to save money quickly and consistently. If your employer deposits your check directly into a bank, you can have them process it for you. This way you won’t be tempted to use it. Out of sight, out of mind.

2) When working for tips, decide which denomination of bills you want to keep. My daughter was a waitress and decided not to use $5.00 bills. All the $5.00 bills he received went straight into the jar. Within 12 months, he had $3,000 in savings. Money he could never have and never miss. This money-saving tip is good for anyone who works for tips. One idea to save money this way is to take your $5.00 bill (or whatever religious bill you decided to save) and put all those bills you have left on this end sun in your jar every night.

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3) Empty all your loose change into the jar every night. Loose change just makes your wallet heavier anyway and you won’t need it. Pour it all out there. It will add up.

4) Kick the bad habit and put the money you would normally spend on that habit in a jar. You will save a ton of money and probably have a better life too. Well, this suggestion requires a bit of discipline. But give it a try or just scale back your habit and keep that kind of money in a jar. The trick is to start doing it and keep doing it. My neighbor wanted to buy a piano for her daughter but couldn’t afford the monthly fee. He was a smoker and revealed that he spent $55.00 a month on cigarettes. The monthly payment for the piano was $48.00. He quit smoking, saved money to make cigarettes, and ordered a piano. This was the best way to save money I had ever heard of. everyone wins

5) Keep all the proceeds. Earned money is money you didn’t earn directly, such as birthday money, gift money, lottery winnings, part of your tax refund, refunds mailed to you . . . . This idea of ​​saving money is probably the hardest to do. Just think about what matters most: watching your savings grow or throwing it away on something unintended.

6) Have a garage sale. Put all the money raised at the garage sale into your jar. This money-saving tip not only increases your wealth, but also helps you organize your closets and garage.

7) Money back guarantees. If you bought an item with a money back guarantee and decide to return it, keep the money. It’s money you were willing to part with anyway. So keep it.

Use all or just one of these prepaid systems for those vacations that are long overdue, to pay your property taxes, make holiday purchases, or get out of debt. There are many ways to save money if you put your mind to it. The above are just a few money-saving tips.

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