Cartoon Network Shows For Trip Down Memory Lane

There are days when you want to watch something that gives you an adrenaline. rush like thrillers or horror movies, and there are days. when you want to watch something light-hearted like Hallmark .movies. However, there are also days when you’re feeling nostalgic ..and you want to watch something from your past. like cartoons or Disney movies.

As a 90s kid,

there are some iconic shows. that cannot be beaten by any other cartoon and are just unforgettable. And sometimes, in fact, more times than. we think, we find ourselves reminiscing and going back to watch those shows as adults. Even though most of these shows do not make the slightest sense, that’s cartoons for you, right?

The point of today’s blog is to talk about some of these shows. and what the basic idea was, however, before we get into that, there is something else worth mentioning. You see,

Thankfully, now, we can go back and watch repeats. and even stream it individually. on the Internet or Cable TV, without having to worry about missing the episode. Everything is available to you live and on-demand, depending on the service provider you select. Every provider has different packages that they offer with a different number of channels. TDS TV packages, for example, are of 6 types or levels overall. For some packages, you will get 60+ channels, while for others, you will get 80+ and more.

Johnny Bravo

The first one on the list, Johnny Bravo, is a TV show that aired in 1996. The protagonist of the show, carrying .the same name as the show, is an Elvis-inspired teenage boy in black sunglasses. a black tee, and light blue jeans. Although he may not look like a teenager, due to his physique, he is most definitely one.

The TV show

is about his attempts at trying. to win over different women by flaunting. his muscles and good looks. Johnny is shown to be a bit narcissistic,Due to this reason, he doesn’t get the attention he is looking for. Instead, his neighbor, a little girl named Suzy is keener on spending time with him than anyone else.

Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack was a unique show .that had different art styles and animation styles keeping the viewers glued to the screen. Additionally, the show was packed. with cool action scenes making Samurai Jack one of the biggest icons or role models for kids. To save his kingdom from this, his goal. is to travel back in time and defeat Aku, the antagonist of the show, and the reason for this evil chaos. As he goes on this journey, he encounters multiple enemies and defeats them along the way, with his magic sword.

Adventure Time

If you haven’t watched this show, we’re sure you’ve heard of it or seen it around. This show is how most people came into the world of Cartoon Network apk. The series follows a little boy named .Finn and his talking dog, Jake, who also happens to be magical. on their adventures together in the land of Ooo. This is one of the most bizarre shows you will find on Cartoon Network. and yet, it is also one of the most popular shows.

The Amazing World of Gumball

There’s nothing like a questionable. show with absurd and dark humor and a mix of different animation .styles to get you thinking, “What is going on here?” Well, The Amazing World .of Gumball is exactly the kind of show that would do that. The more absurd everything is, the funnier it all gets. The protagonist of the show Gumball, a blue cat. is a student at Elmore Junior High. and we see his life with his best friend and adopted brother, Darwin, a goldfish, Anais, a pink rabbit who is also his sister, their parents, and the rest of his classmates and neighbors.

All in all

Cartoon Network shows sure do have a special place in your hearts. It’s not every day you find a show that keeps coming. back to you and makes you want to watch it again. We don’t know the formula that the writers and producers used for these shows, but it sure was effective!’

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